Brevity & Echo: An Anthology of Short Short Stories

Brevity & Echo: An Anthology of Short Short Stories
This collection of previously published short shorts by Emerson alumni celebrates the short short genre and the important role Emerson College's writing program has played in the history of that genre. The anthology features authors: Derrick Ableman, Joann Avallon, Rusty Barnes, Jane Berentson, Stace Budzko, Leslie Busler, Jennifer Carr, Keith Carter, Chip Cheek, Amy L. Clark, Kirsten Culbertson, Mark DeCarteret, Erin Dionne, Denise Duhamel, Elizabeth Kemper French, Lee Harrington, Jen Heller, Chris Helmuth, Steve Himmer, Brian Hinshaw, Jacqueline Holland, Amanda Holzer, Shannon Huffman, John F. Kersey, Laurel Dile King, Mariette Landry, Molly Lanzarotta, Don Lee, Matt Marinovich, Tara L. Masih, Melissa McCracken, Sheehan McGuirk, LaTanya McQueen, Maryanne O Hara, Janice O Leary, Josh Pahigian, Jennifer Pieroni, Robert Repino, Ashley Rice, Matt Rittenhouse, Joe Robb, Beth Anne Royer, Brian Ruuska, Mary Saliba, Nina R. Scheider, Kimberly Ann Southwick, R. S. Steinberg, Cam Terwilliger, Terry Thuemling, and Laura van den Berg, as well as an introduction by Ron Carlson and an afterword by Pamela Painter.
  • Date Published: December 2006
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